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West Palm Beach Restoration Contractor Reviews

The job that they did was extraordinary. He assured both the buyers & sellers of the property that everything was done to correct the situation & saved the sale.

I am a realtor who had a problem with mold in a unit that I sold. Clean Air was the company that we hired to do the remediation. The owner Jay Pastorius & his company were extremely reliable & professional.

Local Customer

Jay Pastorius of Clean Air Xperts was terrific. We live in Toronto, Canada and have a winter place in Boynton Beach. We had a terrible roof leak, with mold identification/removal, ceiling, and wall etc repairs needing to be done. I dealt with Jay by phone and he dealt with the insurance company, which in itself was a huge help. He understood how insurance companies work, what needed to be checked, and what needed to be done. He reviewed and corrected the insurance company adjuster’s quote and work order.

He did the mold removal with all the machinery and checks that involved, and then the full repair work. He was friendly, responsive , knowledgeable and took care of everything. As we did this all from Toronto it was so helpful to have him reliably looking after everything. It was a huge relief to have his help. My house sitter checked in now and then and confirmed that he did a great job.

Local Customer

Description Of Work: Our whole condo needed mold removal. Jay took us through the whole process, estimating the cost, working with the insurance company, bringing not only his own team, but also subcontractors such as air conditioner services, dry cleaners and laundromats to complete the job.Jay made sure that the job cleared Florida certification.

Member Comments: To be honest, the hardest part of the job was getting the insurance company to compensate for the mold loss. Jay was on top of every issue. He was available at all hours, concerned about our health and welfare, prompt about appointments, and dilligent in cleaning the whole house from top to bottom. He supervised not only his own workers but also the air conditioner cleaner. In fact, that job was redone, at Jay’s request. If we had concerns about needing to replace items, such as carpet or mattresses, Jay would test each item extensively to reassure us of its safety. He even delivered all our linens and clothes when the job was over. After the job, he has been to our condo whenever we had questions. He has been in touch whenever we needed him from start to follow up. We feel we have the cleanest, healthiest condo of all our friends!


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A fire sprinkler failed and our office was flooded. We were extremely happy with the service Jay provided. He was knowledgeable, prompt, and efficient. 5 stars- we highly recommend Clean Air Experts!

Deboarh Lubell

Jay and his crew took great care of my me and my wife during a very difficult time. Jay was quick to respond and went out of his way to clean up our home, doing so with professionalism, courtesy, respect, attentiveness, and diligence. He even worked with us through financial concerns and constraints and helped wherever he could. My wife and I appreciated the personal interest and kindness that Jay and Lamar showed and this helped ease some of the stress caused by the mold situation. We’re very happy to be back in one piece! Thanks, Jay!!!

Anton Spalding

Water was pouring from the ceiling, I called a friend who referred me to jay at clean air xperts. I called and Jay the owner answered. he came out to see the problem, shut off the water and shortly after 2 guys arrived with machines. the next few days were a bit uncomfortable but jay took care of everything. I didnt even pay anything. they billed my insurance direct. Great Job Jay and team.. I would refer you to everyone !!!! Call these guys if you need help!!!!

Tom White

Clean air xperts is a great company with quality work at its best.

Ryan Galloway

Jay Pastorius, owner and operator of Clean Air Xperts, did a wonderful job repairing damage from a massive leak on our condo. Jay is very knowledgeable and put our unit back in order from water damage and mold eradication.

Sharon Smisek

Having walked into a flood in my two story condo after being away for a few days, I could not get help anywhere because it was Christmas day. The next morning I was able to get a restoration company to come out and help. They vacuumed some water and brought in dehumidifiers. Seeing light brown mold they said they could not remove the wet clothes in the closets, the wet bed which was foam, the carpet upstairs and down, the bottom sheetrock holding water thus keeping the humidity at 99% and allowing the mold to grow. This was Friday, they said they would be back Monday, and left. Not happy with their approach the problem I called Jay at Clean Air Experts and he came Friday night. We discussed the problem and a better solution. However he was not able to start immediately as I had signed a contract with the first company. Although not as yet hired, Jay went to the condo to check on Sunday only to find another flood and the source of the water. After I was able to sever the contract with the first company, Jay was able to come in and get to work. After the initial three days, the mold had grown, and humidity was still 99%. Jay and his crew at Clean Air Xperts jumped in and got to work. With professional and hard working efficiency, they took care of the water, removing the still wet carpets, bedding, clothing and wallboard. Now the dry out was successful and the mold mitigation and wall prep for the rebuild could begin. Jay and his crew treat you like family, available day or night for questions and answers Jay was with me every step of the way. I am so grateful that Jay and his crew at Clean Air Xperts stepped in and saved what was becoming a terrible situation.

Joseph L

Clean Air Xperts did a great job with the mold remediation project in my home. I am absolutely 100% satisfied with the work they performed and would recommend them to anyone!

Local Customer

I was please to do business with Clean Air Experts. Jay and his team did a great job. My goal was to have the place up and running ASAP and satisfyingly enough, they worked fast and were in and out in no time. They are a very professional and cost effective company. They understood what I needed and delivered. I would absolutely utilize them in the future and I highly recommend them.

Jamielynn F.

Jay suspected mold and recommended a person to come out and provide surface and air tests. They found mold behind the washing machine and in the wall. I guess that the mold was from our washing machine which had over flowed a few weeks earlier. In no time they had cut the bad areas out washed the walls in both areas. Jay made a bad situation tolerable and even called 2 weeks later to make sure that everything was still good. Great guy!!! I recommend him highly.

Darren S

I am not a person that writes reviews but I was extremely panicked when I came home to find water coming from my upstairs bathroom, into the downstairs bathroom and coming out into the living area. I spoke to Jay who immediately was able to arrive with his team and start removing the water and drying out the areas. When they were finished, the office billed my insurance company so I did not have to pay out of pocket.

Jennifer B.

Jay (the owner) and a Clean Air technician came to my property to do a visual air inspection. They were very thorough and explained where they were looking and why. They arrived right on time and were extremely pleasant. I will definitely use them in the future regarding my rental properties. They seemed very knowledgeable and interpersonal. A breath of fresh air

Audrey A.

We are currently consulting with Jay Pastorius of Clean Air Environmental and we must say that anyone who is need of an opinion and a contractor for mold remediation work should put Jay at the top of your list. Jay was quick to respond, he used his expertise to consider areas that other contractors didn’t consider either because they lacked vision or knowledge to weigh situations that would or might occur and he was also forth right and objective. We feel much more informed and aware of what our potential risks may be and understand the financial costs we might be facing.

Bukk C.

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